NOAM offers its primary school students, teachers and other staff, a dairy lunch every day, freshly cooked in our own kitchen. We follow the kosher list of the IRG (Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft Zürich) and are under the supervision of a mashkiach.

We invite all parents and grandparents to help serve lunch in the Mensa – at the salad buffet. Please sign up for this on Doodle and note the following:

  • Lunch is served punctually from 11.30 until 12.20 – so it is very important that you arrive on time.
  • Unfortunately NOAM cannot offer any parking spots. However there are plenty of blue parking spaces in the area, and with a little luck and patience you can find a spot nearby. Please plan plenty of time for this.
  • If you have to miss a session at short notice, please make sure to find a replacement.

Menu plan

1. - 5. Juli 2019

1. Juli 2019 / Montag
Maisschnitzel, neue Kartoffeln, Bohnen
2. Juli 2019 / Dienstag
Tomatentortellini mit Broccolipesto
3. Juli 2019 / Mittwoch
Safranrisotto, Zucchetti
4. Juli 2019 / Donnerstag
Rösti, Tofusauce, Rüebli
5. Juli 2019 / Freitag

8. - 12. Juli 2019

8. Juli 2019 / Montag
Reis, Currysauce, Früchte, Gemüsemix
9. Juli 2019 / Dienstag
Lachsschnitten, Kartoffeln, Spinat
10. Juli 2019 / Mittwoch
Penne, Tomatensauce
11. Juli 2019 / Donnerstag
12. Juli 2019 / Freitag
Schöne Ferien, see you am 19. August 2019!
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