Message from the Rector

Message from the Rector

Welcome to NOAM

An idea created a school. For over thirty years, highly motivated and innovative staff, teachers, administrators and Board members have made NOAM what it is today: a unique Jewish school with a high level of Jewish and secular education that is recognized around the world.

We always enjoy talking to our students: they have so much life, creativity and knowledge that we are sometimes astonished. And we are inspired by working with our fantastic teachers, who motivate our students to learn and constantly find new ways to present their lessons to make them truly meaningful and relevant.

Discover more about NOAM. We learn, laugh, sing, pray, and often celebrate together as one school. Whether at a Jachad school meeting, a minjan, sports day, project day, outing, or camp in Switzerland or abroad.

How would our students summarize this? Quite simply: “It’s not just a school, it’s NOAM!”

We invite you to get to know us.

Lital Reshef and Kilian David Grütter