After-school care

After-school care

On request, we can provide after-school care for primary school students from Mondays to Thursdays until 16.00 (except before holidays and festivals). Children can enjoy playing in the Aula and in the playground, and can also do their homework quietly on their own in the Mensa. Naturally there’s also a snack.

Please register your child in good time! Only a limited number of care places are available. We offer after-school care until 16.00 at the latest.

For an extended after-school care with costs please click hier.

Anmeldung / Abmeldung

Registering / cancelling

Please sign up your child for regular after-school care here: Anmeldung Nachmittagsbetreuung. If your child cannot come on a particular day, please send an email by 10.00 in the morning on that day to:

Last-minute registration

If you need or would like to use after-school care at short notice, please send an email by 10.00 in the morning to: or fill in the form below (also to arrive by 10.00).

Please note that we can only offer the after-school care if there are free places.

Your name

Your email address

Student’s first name

Student’s family name


(You must sign up by 10.00 in the morning at the latest)

(From 13.30 to 16.00 at the latest)

The student will go home alone at the end of after-school care