Support fund system

Support fund system

NOAM’s basic principle

NOAM has a basic principle: No child will be excluded from NOAM on financial grounds. Securing the funds to achieve this is our main challenge.

Enormous growth in requests for support

One third of our students’ families now require financial assistance with school fees. The annual amount involved is currently over CHF 750,000. Requests for assistance with school fees are increasing rapidly. Within six years these have grown by 250%. And this trend looks set to continue.

Reasons for the sharp increase in requests for support

  • Financial difficulties due to the economic situation
  • Social problems
  • Many single mothers and fathers with small incomes
  • Rising numbers of students in the school
Despite what is often a difficult situation, parents are highly motivated to send their children to NOAM. The reasons? NOAM’s proven concept delivers a recognizably high-quality secular education, as well as guaranteeing a solid Jewish education. Our children learn respect for every form of Judaism, as well as for the non-Jewish world. Furthermore, as a day school, NOAM offers single parents the opportunity to take a full-time job.

Previous financing

The Jewish community has recognized how important NOAM is to the future of the Jewish people, and has supported the school with generous gifts. Unfortunately, these are no longer sufficient. We need to find new sources of finance.