New sources of finance

New sources of finance


Our fundraising activities for the NOAM Support Fund focus on two main areas:

  • Foundations in Switzerland and abroad
  • Legacies and gifts


We are looking to contact foundations in Switzerland and abroad. It is clear that there are many foundations whose aims would permit them to support NOAM. We know that for most foundations, the interpretation of their intended purpose permits a great deal of flexibility. This list shows the various categories that NOAM can fit into.

  • Education and youth
  • Social work (financial assistance is provided to parents who cannot afford the school fees)
  • Multicultural projects (projects to promote multiculturalism, e.g. ethnic cooperation)
  • Religious co-existence (projects to maintain peaceful religious co-existence – NOAM is a fine example of this)

Legacies and gifts

We would like to make contact with people who would like to invest in NOAM, since our school:

  • Creates open-minded Jewish young people
  • Teaches students respect and openness regarding the non-Jewish world.
These are values that could be decisive for many people who wish to make a legacy in their will or a gift during their lifetime to support the future of NOAM.