How to apply for support

How to apply for support


  • Assistance is granted for one year; a new application must be made each year
  • Amount per child/month, with school fees (school year 2022/2023) of CHF 1,660 per month (primary school); CHF 1,730 per month (secondary school):
    • Contribution from parents: at least CHF 350 per month (primary); CHF 430 per month (secondary)
    • Contribution from Support Fund: up to CHF 1,350 per month
    • Confirmation by parents that they understand that the assistance with school fees is in the form of a repayable loan (in exceptional cases repayment may be waived)

Evaluation criteria

  • Financial situation
  • Number of children
Applications are managed in the strictest confidence by a small, trained group of parent advisers, who are also on the Board of the Foundation. These parent advisers take a sensitive look at the situation of the applicants, calculate the amount of assistance the Support Fund will contribute based on the information provided (e.g. tax declarations, tax assessments, salary statements, and budgets), and put forward their recommendation first to the group, and then to the entire Foundation Board (naturally without showing the names of the applicants).

The following parent advisers are in the evaluation group:

Danja Inzlicht, Marie-Louise Benjamin, Michelle Rosen-Oberman