Our vision & values

Our vision

We want all Jewish children to be well-versed in traditional Jewish and modern secular knowledge. They should be independent and committed, with the skills to be able to play a role in the Jewish community and in the wider society of the 21st century.

Our values

  • We promote integrity, respect, responsibility, and love of learning in an open-minded, Zionist-oriented environment. Jewish education at our school is based on the principles of modern-orthodox identity and a strong interest in the culture and history of Israel.
  • We are committed to modern and diverse teaching methods that lead students to individual learning success. Motivated and highly qualified teachers take a team-approach to supporting our students’ education. A stimulating and dynamic atmosphere creates the framework in which to gain and expand key educational skills in an attractive and challenging Jewish environment.
  • Even as the school expands, we ensure that class sizes are manageable. Parents and guardians have regular opportunities to discuss the academic progress of their children with teachers.
  • We create and strengthen the basis for an identity that facilitates an alert, tolerant and reflective approach to Judaism, the Jewish community and Jewish life in all its diversity – also in the broader public – independent of the private background of the family in terms of religious observance and Jewish learning.
  • Education at NOAM is open to all Jewish children and should be affordable for all families. If the financial burden is too great, support is available in the form of a repayable interest-free loan from the “NOAM Support Fund”.