Aims & curriculum

Aims & curriculum

The NOAM secondary school lasts for a maximum of three years: normally two preparatory years and one final year. Each student is prepared for transfer to a Gymnasium (selective high school), college, or challenging apprenticeship, depending on their goals.


The NOAM secondary school follows the state curriculum. Lessons take place in small classes, which are individually designed around their abilities and preferences. We place great emphasis on students taking responsibility for their own, independent learning.

Jewish religious studies

Jewish studies are a normal, obligatory part of the lesson plan at the secondary level; they take up to seven lessons a week. Judaism is not confined to lessons in the classroom, however. Students experience “yiddishkeit” throughout every day. All students at the school are encouraged to follow Jewish ethics in their relationships with others and with the environment.


Students at the NOAM also study for an English certificate (Preliminary English Test PET or First Certificate in English FCE) and a French certificate (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Français DELF B1 or B2).


The computer is an important tool in the secondary school. We have a Bring Your Own Device policy. Our students’ proficiency is documented by the award of the European Computer Driving Licence ECDL-Core. In the second semester of the final year, students write a dissertation, which gives them practice in cross-disciplinary skills: planning and organisation, data collection and evaluation, and documentation and presentation.

Developing an identity

The NOAM secondary school offers intensive Jewish life and learning in an atmosphere that respects individual, family and religious differences. Our supportive and inspiring learning environment helps our students to develop into self-confident personalities with a strong Jewish identity, who are aware of their responsibilities within the community and society.