Leave of absence

We are glad that our students take part actively in family, religious, cultural and sporting events outside school, even when this occasionally happens during term-time. We believe in finding a healthy balance, for the good of the child, between outside activities and the legal obligation to attend school. Our proactive absence rules are designed to meet this need.

We ask you to follow the following simple rules on absence:

Pro Schuljahr (ab Schuljahr 2019/2020) werden zwei Jokertage gewährt, welche ohne Begründung bezogen werden können. Der Bezug der Jokertage muss vorab der Klassenlehrperson und dem Schulsekretariat mitgeteilt werden.

Notify the school leadership team about planned absences directly via email as soon as possible (at least a week ahead):

1 – 4 year Lital Reshef l.reshef@noam.ch
5 – 9 year Kilian David Grütter k.gruetter@noam.ch

The granting, or not, of permission will be based on the following:
  • The reason for and length of absence
  • The number of absences already taken before this new request
  • Any danger that the child will not be able to progress to the next level, or not meet the obligatory number of school days

Parents are responsible for ensuring, in the interest of their child, that any schoolwork missed is made up either before or after every absence. To help you with this, the teachers will send you a written list of work for your child.

If we believe that your child’s absence from school is on the border of being a “healthy balance”, we will inform you. We comply with the school regulations of the canton.

Notification that arrives too late, or unauthorized time off, will be noted in the school report as unexcused absence. Three unexcused absences will be reported to the local education authority.