We need your support

We need your support

NOAM is an amazing success story

Our innovative, modern-orthodox Jewish day school in the heart of Zurich has been providing Jewish and secular education at a consistently high level since 1979. Tolerance and respect for other people and the environment are key values at every level in the school. We emphasize a solid general education that lets our students move seamlessly to the next stage of school or training. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to the TaL AM, Tal Sela and NETA curriculum for Hebrew and Jewish studies (Ivrit b’Ivrit), most NOAM students speak and write fluent Hebrew by the end of year 6.

NOAM has about 180 students in nine grades and close to 50 Jewish and non-Jewish teachers and support staff.

Our vision is that every child will receive an excellent secular and Jewish education that prepares them for the rapidly changing globalized world. We are dedicated to creating and strengthening an identity that facilitates an open, tolerant and thoughtful approach to Judaism, the Jewish community, and Jewish life in all its diversity – also in the wider community – independent of the family’s level of Jewish observance or learning. A NOAM education is open to every Jewish child. The NOAM Stipendium Fund provides assistance to parents in cases of financial difficulty.

The school has developed significantly over the past four years:

  • Continuing to bring in the best and brightest teaching talent
  • Establishing the “Sek” for years 7 – 9
  • Creating a leadership team and reorganising the school administration
  • Improving communication with parents
  • Re-equipping the school to deliver a high quality education in an IT-dominated world

All this has led to the number of students steadily increasing every year (we grew by about 60% over the last six years). This shows that NOAM continues to be a fantastic school. However this growth comes at a cost. We need to pay competitive salaries to ensure that we can attract and retain the best teaching talent, while investing regularly in teacher development and training. IT is now a significant overhead, and we have built and will continue to develop this new multifunctional website as an integrated platform for students and parents alike.

With no state support, and a fixed subvention from the ICZ and other communities, even with generous support from a small number of patrons, the school fees are no longer sufficient to cover our annual running costs and the investment we need in new equipment and infrastructure.

We face a choice: do we accept stagnating standards, or do we ask parents, grandparents, friends, and the wider community to support NOAM’s ongoing development, so that we can continue to educate the next generations at a level we can all be proud of? We must ensure that we have a dynamic Jewish community in Zurich in the decades to come. NOAM is critical for this – and truly represents this bright future.

Nothing is more precious than the education of our children. Please help us to continue NOAM’s success and protect that future.

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