Aims & curriculum

Aims & curriculum

NOAM adheres strictly to the state (City of Zurich) curriculum for general studies and follows the world-recognized TaL AM, Tal Sela and NETA programmes for Hebrew and religious studies.

After six years in the NOAM primary school our students are able to communicate fluently in German, Hebrew and English, no matter what their first language is. They also have basic French.

Every student receives a state-recognized secular education at an above-average level. By the end of their time at the primary school, the students have been well-prepared for a fast-changing, globalised world. The curriculum of the education authority of the Canton of Zurich forms the basis of the educational aims and skills to be achieved. This facilitates the transfer after the primary school into a Gymnasium (selective high school) or secondary school.

Students have ten lessons a week of Jewish and religious education, much of it in Hebrew. This uses the TaL AM, Tal Sela and NETA programmes, and covers areas such as Hebrew language, Jewish history and culture, as well as religious studies from Torah to Talmud.

Our students have weekly gym and art/craft classes (handicrafts).