Our school

Our school

NOAM is an innovative, modern-orthodox Jewish day school in the centre of Zurich providing Jewish and secular education at a consistently high level since 1980.

Our students are taught by dedicated and experienced Jewish and non-Jewish teachers. NOAM is officially recognized as a private school by the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich, and meets all the state education requirements. The teaching of tolerance and respect for other people and the environment is central at all levels of our school. Our students’ individual, family and religious differences are also respected.

We place great emphasis on a good general education that allows our students to transfer seamlessly to the next level of education.

Thanks to our commitment to the TaL AM and Tal Sela programmes (Ivrit b’Ivrit), most of our students are able to talk and write fluent Ivrit after the first six years, and have a solid basis in Jewish studies. The NETA Ivrit program is used by older students.

In the secondary school (years 7 – 9) the students’ skills in the secular program, Jewish studies and Ivrit are intensively developed, to reach a demanding but individually tailored level.

The Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich recognizes NOAM as a school supporting students with special needs. Our integrated special needs department ensures that students with learning disabilities are supported individually or within a small class by a special needs or remedial teacher, while also remaining with their class for some lessons.

With around 180 students and over 40 teachers, the school is a manageable size. Every student is actively and individually monitored and supported by the teachers. At the same time, NOAM is big enough to be able to realize numerous enriching projects and to maintain friendships within the Jewish community.