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The parents of our NOAM children are a key part of our school community. Please let us have your suggestions and ideas on how to make NOAM an even better and happier school. We welcome your input!

Parent council

In response to requests from parents, the Board and the school leadership team have decided to create a parent council. Parents, teachers and the school leadership team have crystalized their ideas and agreed in general to follow the parent council concept of Zurich’s state schools. The aims of a parent council are to:
  • Organize the involvement of parents with the school
  • Simplify communication, and
  • Provide a basis for cooperation between parents, teachers, and the school leadership team
The parent council will be a key point of contact for parents and the school leadership team. It will coordinate and facilitate requests, ideas, assistance with organizing activities in and around the school, and general cooperation. Naturally, matters affecting individual students or teachers will continue to be discussed directly with the teachers or the school leadership team. These are not within the competence of the parent council. When it comes to decisions on personnel and educational matters, just as in other schools, parents will not be involved. The parent council will consist of one representative and one deputy per year. The representative and deputy will be elected annually at the parents’ evening by those present. The parent council will meet several times a year, and at least twice a year with the school leadership team. In future, the parent council will organize the election of representatives itself. The parent council will initially only be introduced in the primary school, as a test run. We would be glad to have the secondary years included in future. You can read the rules of the parent council, which set out its rights and duties here. We hope that there will be lively participation in these elections. The school leadership team is already looking forward to constructive cooperation with the parent council


Parent Evening  Election of parent representatives for years 1 to 4
Parent Evening  Election of parent representatives for years 5 to 6
November / December Parent council starts work
December / January Parent council meets the school leadership team
April / May Parent council meets the school leadership team

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28. November bis 02. Dezember 2022

28. November 2022 / Montag
Älplermakkaronen, Apfelmus
29. November 2022 / Dienstag
30. November 2022 / Mittwoch
Geschnetzeltes, Spätzli, Bohnen
01. Dezember 2022 / Donnerstag
Saibling, Kartoffeln, Broccoli
02. Dezember 2022 / Freitag

05. bis 09. Dezember 2022

05. Dezember 2022 / Montag
Pilzrisotto, Zucchetti und Kürbis
06. Dezember 2022 / Dienstag
Kartoffel-Burekas, Ofengemüse
07. Dezember 2022 / Mittwoch
Hörnli, Gehacktes, Apfelmus
08. Dezember 2022 / Donnerstag
Maisschnitzel, Couscous, Peperonata
09. Dezember 2022 / Freitag

12. bis 16. Dezember 2022

12. Dezember 2022 / Montag
Pastetli, Reis, Erbsli
13. Dezember 2022 / Dienstag
Müscheli, Tomaten-Thonsauce, Zucchetti
14. Dezember 2022 / Mittwoch
Tofusauce, Rösti, Bohnen
15. Dezember 2022 / Donnerstag
Lachs, Kartoffeln, Sauerkraut
16. Dezember 2022 / Freitag

19. bis 23. Dezember 2022

19. Dezember 2022 / Montag
Spaghetti, Lachssauce
20. Dezember 2022 / Dienstag
21. Dezember 2022 / Mittwoch
22. Dezember 2022 / Donnerstag
Latkes, Apfelmus, Quark
23. Dezember 2022 / Freitag

Bank accounts


Credit Suisse
8021 Zürich

PC 80-500-4
Account: 208582-91 (556)
IBAN: CH57 0483 5020 8582 9100 0

NOAM Support Fund

Dreyfus Söhne & Cie AG
4002 Basel

PC 40-570-7
Account: 17664.001 (8565)
IBAN: CH13 0856 5559 9141 9390 0

Infrastructure fund

Credit Suisse
8070 Zürich

Ausbildungs- & Infrastrukturfonds Jüdischer Schulverein „NOAM” Zü, Zürich
IBAN: CH30 0483 5020 8582 9100 1